Difference between ethereum and ethereum classic

When checking out on the logistics of how to buy ethereum, you have to know that, ethereum classic and ethereum are two different platforms. They split from the original ethereum when a hard fork happened as a response to a response of a hacker stealing ethereum of worth $150 million.

The two platforms are on different blockchains, completely identical with everything until the happening of the hard fork. Ethereum turned to be a new platform, have set new rules which were implemented, avoiding future hacker attacks. Most of the developers, users, and applications that are decentralized migrated to ethereum with about 10% of the rest remaining on the Ethereum Classic.
The split can be explained as both ideological and ethical. The ones who stayed with the ethereum classic were thought to be the code is god strong supporters and those who believe in blockchain immutability. But the split can be seen by the ethereum community as a landmark as it was able to come together and tackle the worst hack in the history of cryptocurreny.
The issue that is with ethereum classic is that, backward, it is not compatible with the ethereum hard fork. It means that, all the improvements and updates that were implemented by the ethereum aren’t available for and at the same time, are not ethereum classic network compatible.
As for the ethereum, the single fact that is clear is that, the hard fork happened. It is believed that, it opened possibilities for hard forks in the future. There are some people who believe that, ethereum leaders might force a hard fork to happen so that they benefit.
The current ethereum platform has been criticized for being able to allow the community to make several changes to the network while at the same time doing it against the objectivity of the mathematics, which was previously hailed.