Get the original Maui Jim screws from the Glasses Tools website

Why is MAUI JIM Not the same as several other sunglasses brands is its unmatched potential to combine the highest tech in lens manufacturing on the planet, the civilization of an area as specific since Maui along with the spirit of their island of Hawaii.

The very strong Reflection that sun creates in Hawaii was exactly what inspired the design of a glass which perhaps not merely protected your mind, but additionally accentuated the vision of colors, clarity and the smallest portion of earth that’s around it.

MAUI JIMs were Designed with your comfort in your mind, and also their PolarizedPlus2® technology greatly lessens the impact of warmth from sunlight, while providing very long-term protection for your visual wellbeing. However, these technological wonders tend not escape injury due to mishandling of those using them.

Knocks, improper Storage, strong manipulation of children, one of other facets can generate misalignments that can induce the screws which hold the lens arms to the hinges, even to unscrew and become misplaced. It’s at the point where eyeglasses Tools will become your ideal ally.

Glasses Tools May Be your Spare parts provider that provides on its website the initial Maui Jim screws kit, and they’re the screws that will suit your MAUI JIM shades.

These screws have been Designed to absolutely match lens hinges and arms as their thread specifications are unique, ribbon threads, ridge, flange angle, ribbon pitch, and outside and inside diameters. , just match the specs of all this threads of their arms and the hinges.

By not Employing the Original Maui Jim screws you can risk harming the glasses from insulating material the threads of a few of the aspects of one’s sunglasses.

Once installed, your Glasses will probably undoubtedly be original as when you purchased them. Even the Maui Jim sunglasses screws are of the Maximum quality because they Are fabricated by an identical brandthey are certified by Maui Jim.