The eprescribing network WENO has obtained a performance certification

Each of Men and women, at least one time in their lives, have gone into the doctor for an appointment and right after the inspection ; the specialist doctor gives us an identification and therapy. Generally, this treatment will be signaled with an prescription medication.

Even the Problem arises when you goto the drugstore to get the medication when you see the prescription medication you hardly understand what the doctor wrote.

Even though It is not feasible to generalize using the main topic of the ugly handwriting of doctors, there’s a big proportion that should they do, it seems that they composed hieroglyphsthat just pharmacists can decipher on account of this massive number of years they have been examining these scribbles.

However, There really certainly are a high proportion of errors when providing prescription drugs since even pharmacists by themselves can make a mistake by delivering a incorrect drug , the merchandise of a non-prescription prescriptionmedication.

Based on This, many governments and non-governmental companies have made great efforts to improve this situation, and have generated legislation and systems that encourage doctors to create a single electronic prescribing.

WENO is An independent platform for electronic prescriptions in which you do not need to be subscribed to Surescripts in order to prescribe a drug for a health care provider, or to subscribe to a drugstore to the system, one of other purposes.

Bearing this System, prescriptions could be filled and refilled for human patients, so medicines may be dispensed and managed, and the behavior of this acquisition of drugs may be understood through the patient’s foundation.

WENO has The ability to carry prescriptions sensibly, prescribers might be alerted into the possibilities of allergic medication reactions, and notifies health practitioners about generic medication as alternate options, lets doctors which wish to subscribe to this system, one of other acts.

All these Functions have resulted in the WENO electronic prescribing obtaining a performance certificate supported by means of an auditor supported by the DEA.

Detail The advantages of the platform by inputting the WENO Exchange internet site and Subscribe to the webpage to eventually become part of their community of customers of the platform That is changing the method of prescribing drugs via electronic prescribing.