What Are the Risks of Using Fire Watch Guards?

fire watch guards are also known as a fire safety monitor. These guards are employed as a temporary arrangement where the guard is tasked to inspect and look at the premises for any possible or existing fire hazards (real or imagined). These may include electrical and gas lines, chimneys, ceilings, walls and roofs. These monitors are generally trained to perform such inspections on a scheduled basis. However, it is always better to have them in place prior to an actual fire occurrence. The purpose of this is that they can then be called on to give immediate assistance to people who might be affected by a fire. They could also give out assistance to rescue attempts if necessary.

There are certain rules that are supposed to be followed while employing these guards. One of them is to ensure that the building or structure that needs checking is only used for commercial purposes. Secondly, fire watch guards are supposed to be licensed by the state or the municipality where the location is located. Another rule is that the inspectors should check the area thoroughly before commencing their inspection.
As a general rule, fire watch guards should not damage any items that may prove hazardous or are flammable. Also, they should ensure that there is no access to fire-prone areas that includes elevators, boiler rooms and other spaces that might prove to be very dangerous. Finally, they should not occupy any space for a longer period of time than necessary. These checks and precautions would help prevent or reduce the chances of a fire occurrence taking place within a short period of time.